The danger is there but declining.

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Dec 22, 2005
8:40 AM EDT
Several years ago I was more worried about this issue. Every time a corporation or government authority adopts open source or open standards it becomes that much more difficult for MS to accomplish this end. As more individuals adopt OSS it becomes more difficult. As time goes by it becomes less likely that MS can accomplish this.

Microsoft is powerful but not invincible. For all of Steve Ballmer' antics, Munich still moved away from Windows. A number of other governmental bodies have followed suit. Microsoft can still fight back and may even win some battles but the tide has turned. Please don't see these victories as the ultimate outcome.

Just because they (MS) have not rolled over and died does not mean they will achieve ultimate victory. Don't lose your taste for battle!

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Dec 23, 2005
5:24 AM EDT
Right, Sam. As I frequently remind our elected representatives, yes, the forces arrayed against us appear to be formidable; however, with God on our side, they are not invincible, and we are not defenseless!

Dec 23, 2005
11:26 AM EDT
"God", "root", what is difference?

With Microsoft, *they* are "root". With Open Source, *I* am "root".

Dec 23, 2005
8:02 PM EDT
And the reply is (pause for effect)... I am alive because of God. I don't have any evidence that root had anything to do with that.

Btw Tom, Great article. Hope all your holidays are bright.

Dec 23, 2005
8:16 PM EDT
Thanks joel! You too!

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