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Jan 02, 2006
2:37 PM EDT
Even in war there is supposed to be some rules, there was supposed to be the "Geneva Convention". But the Japanese did not subscribe to this convention in WW2, so in the end neither did the allies, and it ended up a total "anything goes" war. Burn em, Blow em up, bury them alive, nuke em. The Australians would not even take POWs.

So if the MS / Linux war is turning into "anything goes" especially in these third world countries, where assassinations are commonplace, there could be some CEOs go down. And I am betting that there probably will be, sometime soon, unless MS is restrained. (Realizing that if you make a prediction that turns out to be right, it can make you a suspect) They just don't know when to back off, Europe is a bigger economy than the US, MS is attempting to bully them, and the EU is thinking about breaking up MS. China will soon be a larger economy than either the US or Europe. Does MS really think that they have the same political clout in these places as in the US. Do they think that these political systems work the same way?

Their barefaced threat on South Korea, sent a message to the Asian markets. And I don't think the message was interpreted as use licensed MS products only. I believe the message was interpreted as get rid of MS at all costs. Could they really be that stupid that they believe they can intimidate the world, and be like the Hitler of the business world. And cause a lot of death and destruction but go down in the end, because he took it beyond the point of a "conditional surrender".

Jan 02, 2006
4:00 PM EDT
Microsoft is bigger and more evil than the Babylonian Empire.

Jan 02, 2006
6:10 PM EDT
I think some people would have serious reactions to comparing Bill Gates with Hitler. Hitler was a vegetarean, afterall. But seriously, even though Gates & Co. are bullies, they aren't marching people to death camps. So, that's a huge leap that many people would react to with major negativity.

I just want to state for the record, that Lxer doesn't endorse your comment.


Jan 03, 2006
9:03 PM EDT
Scott Adams had a little article about online arguments. He said that when his opponents start drawing comparisons to the Nazis, he knows he has won, because they have run out of real arguments. bigpicture, I am not saying you are out of ideas. I am pointing out that these kind of arguments don't really work. As Tom said, Bill Gates may be an unprincipled bully, but he is no Hitler. We should criticize Mr Gates for those things he has done without comparing him to murderous villains(Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Lincoln recently).

Jan 04, 2006
9:53 AM EDT
"But seriously, even though Gates & Co. are bullies, they aren't marching people to death camps."

The night is young.

You may also un-ednorse my comment.

Jan 04, 2006
11:57 AM EDT
The night is young works for me.

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