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Jan 03, 2006
8:45 AM EDT
I am in favor of FOSS acting as a pressure group in American politics. I think that we should start a political campaign to get the American government to adopt open standards and open source as requirements in their software purchases.

We can start by writing letters to our congressmen and senators advocating open source and open standards. If we keep plugging away at the lobbying effort we might be able to make FOSS and ODF campaign issues in the American 2008 presidential election.

--------------------------- Steve Stites

Jan 03, 2006
1:21 PM EDT
Steve Stites:

I agree with you. We should. But in the past, we've gotten no participation at all from any one.

Seriously, no traffic, no media exposure (even among the Linux media) and the effort just flopped.

I have a whole web site full of great content if you want it. The content was originally on

Maybe the next elections will differ from past ones.

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