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Jan 03, 2006
10:28 PM EDT
Hi all,

I would like to syndicate lxer over at systhread.net but darned if I can find an easy way to do it. I went searching for RSS/RDF syndication feeds and all the tutorials I found only discussed how to setup my own rss.{xml,rdf} file (which - I already have) but not how to easily incorporate someone elses.

Now I have some issues of course, I only have ftp access to my hosting provider but I *do* have crontab access. So I should be able to setup some sort of periodic fetch of the rdf, my problem is how to incorporate it, do I need to s/foo/my xhtml/?

Any help would be appreciated, I think it would look great right under the external links box on systhread's home page.

Thanks, Jay

Jan 04, 2006
5:30 AM EDT

I'll be happy to do a custom page for you that you can just include in your page. If you would like that, just email me what you'd like the stories to look like (layout wise) and I'll set it up.


Jan 04, 2006
5:21 PM EDT
Actually I think I am going to write a script that wgets the rdf file then seds the headlines into an include file on my end. That is easier for both of us. It will take me awhile though (probably a week).

Jan 05, 2006
7:12 AM EDT
Sounds like a plan!

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