Open Source branding is impossible, maybe not desirable

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Jan 04, 2006
5:39 PM EDT
The problem with branding is that it has to be simple and occupy one or at most only a few words in the mind of the consumer. The Open source methodology and its benefits was probably too complex to serve as a branding moniker even in a prefect world. Second since its inception Open Source has been hijacked by a lot of different people, companies and projects adding to the branding problem.

With that in mind I think the train has gone and using Open Source as a branding mechanism is futile.

In a way I think Marc Fleuri of Jboss is right in decoupling his brand from Linux. It makes perfect sense and it allows him to point to Open Source as one reason among other why his platform is world class. There is a lot more to Jboss' success than the fact it is open source.

In a way I think GNU / Linux and Open Source are better served as an underlying strong and critical enabler than something in and of itself. If we try to do the latter we get stuck with all the negatives where it does not result in a superior solution for reasons unrelated to GNU / Linux /Open Source.

Intel is vacating the Intel Inside moniker, maybe we need to grab the space and think more about GNU / Linux and Open Source as something inside rather than something in itself.

Mar 18, 2006
2:15 PM EDT
Not only is Open Source branding not impossible, it has already happend. The phrase "Open Source" is a trademark of The Open Source Initiative (OSI), .

Mar 18, 2006
3:04 PM EDT
chappaquachap said, "The phrase "Open Source" is a trademark of The Open Source Initiative (OSI)"

You said that in another thread. It's still wrong. OSI attempted to trademark that phrase and it was rejected. They have a trademark on that O-shaped image with a keyhole in it alongside the words "open source". That is NOT the same as a trademark on the phrase "Open Source".

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