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Jan 27, 2006
8:58 PM EDT
Thank you for the report on Linux usage outside of North American and Europe; its most insightful. I am curious to know what your general impression on the adoption of Firefox is? It too 'is not Microsoft', yet according to XiTi Monitor Firefox usage is lowest in South America, followed by Asia and Africa (see To what would you attribute this? (is it the fact that the computers tend to be slower and thus less able to run Firefox?)

Jan 28, 2006
6:29 AM EDT
Firefox usage seems to be related to the ratio of office vs home pc's in a country. For example, last summer there were lots of articles in the mainstream press about how Firefox's growth had halted and that everyone was anticipating the glorious new IE7 (guess who ponied up for those!). Then, after the summer holidays, it jumped back up again. The same phenomenon occurs on a weekly basis too, with FF scoring lower on weekdays than weekends. So, what exactly am I saying? Well, in south america, just as in Africa and Asia, the ratio of home vs office pcs is much lower, so we would expect to see lower FF usage statistics than in Europe or the US.

Jan 28, 2006
8:07 AM EDT
Do you look at the news in Europe or the US as corrupt? I read about it everyday. You don't know what es corrupt. Brazil has the more free newspaper of the other countries. I see little information about Linux in newspapers in Latin America. In Asia, they already had web browsers competing with Microsoft. Please don't use Mozilla as the way to judge Linux use. Microsoft people also use Firefox.

Jan 29, 2006
1:36 AM EDT
I'm sure it's about fast Internet connections vs. often slow and unreliable dial-up. If you have to bother to pay for a large download, you are going to settle for what came with your system, no matter how lousy.

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