The developing world is the key

Story: Linux Growth in Developing Countries Soaring Past MicrosoftTotal Replies: 0
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Jan 30, 2006
5:47 AM EDT
This is where linux is finding most of it's userbase(though I wish I could get more of my fellow american to use it) is in developing countries. I make a note of this often when I point out that linux has more users worldwide than mac os does.

The numbers are skewed depending on how you look at it. The mac has around 4% of the US market whereas linux has only about a half percent, possibly 1 percent. But flip to the worldwide market and both linux and mac are in the 2% ranges, with linux coming out ahead.(linux may be in the 3% range, but it's all largely based on estimates)

Google's next zeitgeist will prove very interesting when it arrives.

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