Too bad...

Story: Firefox Users Urged To Download Security PatchTotal Replies: 2
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Feb 09, 2006
9:20 AM EDT
...that MS and cronies will use every flaw found and patched in FF as FUD fodder. I can see the screaming headlines and blathering "articles" already. Firefox less secure than IE7. Open Source Browser Beginning to Show Cracks"

Never mind that flaws found in FF are patched a.s.a.p. There is no question IF it will patched, there is the only the question how soon the patch can be released.

Oh well, the sheeple will believe what they are told to believe.

Feb 09, 2006
9:23 AM EDT
Ain't that the damn truth. :-/

Feb 09, 2006
12:29 PM EDT
What would you do if your god was the almighty buck.

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