Solaris 10 IS NOT what the world is running, Sun mistakes

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Feb 28, 2006
10:43 AM EDT
I work for an ISV, serving the Fortune 500 at least, and while Solaris 10 is a good step in the right direction the majority of the enterprise world is stuck as Solaris 8 (that is where most of the third part hardware supported ended). It has been very, very, very, very difficult to get our own customers off of Solaris 2.6!!!!!! (and btw, we still have 2.6 customers).

Solaris 10 is still just a deployment vision for most.

No... the fact of the matter is that the most interesting thing Sun has done is Solaris 10 and that only because they woke up when they realized their OS was in bad need of some radical makeovers thanks to Linux. And a LOT of the makeover mimics (or directly uses) things found in Linux. ZFS. Cool your jets! Don't you realize just how far behind Sun was/is with regards to logical volume mangement? ZFS is still baking. While it does look good, realize that Sun needed to play catch up in this area for a VERY long time. As Tom mentioned... there's really nothing to gloat about at this time.

Sun is #1, according to every Sun report.

VERY recently (we're talking about in the past couple of months even), Sun has switched AGAIN to trying to rally the cry around Linux... HOWEVER as recent as 6 months ago, Sun was declaring it to be utter crap, and TOTALLY worthless with regards to ANY operation in ANY sized datacenter (that is... it's for home use ONLY, and only then by NON-professionals). I'm sorry Sun... you are a big FAT LIAR... I cannot believe ANYTHING you say anymore. You say whatever you believe will give you an edge so you can get the position on the unwary and take them down. It's all about Sun, Sun and JUST Sun. And Linux is not allowed to EVER cast a shadow on Sun.

Sun needs to build their building totally with mirrors so they can see their favorite customer everyday.

So what does Linux mean to Sun? Absolutely NOTHING, unless it can be temporarily EXPLOITED for Sun's sake (which is what they are DESPERATELY trying to do right now). In a way, I think it's sad that a Linux port has moved forward on their CoolThreads (tm) technology... but maybe that's a good thing. It shows the world (not Sun... for they can't see) that Linux is much, much, much bigger than they are and genuinely tries to help... even when it's helping someone that intends to release their very worst back at them.

Sun today is the same as Sun in the eighties... their goal... global domination... where nobody else is allowed except Sun.

I hear that Sun's 10 year partnership with Microsoft has gone a bit sour. Though we do see some of the "benefits" of the relationship (some Sun LDAP to AD work, some better integration with Federated id's, Sun style)... I believe that Microsoft was already showing signs of how they could position themselves to take out Sun... probably made Sun a bit nervous. All of the "joint" projects reek (or should I say "wreak") of distrust on both sides. The goal of the partnership was to defeat Linux (a common enemy of Microsoft and Sun). But Sun and Microsoft aren't even great allies, much less friends or partners.... so... we're back to Sun trying to "love" Linux and back to hurling insults at Microsoft (even though the partnership still has 8 years left)... sigh....

Sun is WAY too predictable. If Sun is your friend you have no room for enemies.

Feb 28, 2006
11:57 AM EDT
I knew I could count on you to make sense of this article. Who better than a Sun admin and customer.

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