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Mar 03, 2006
11:10 AM EST

GREAT work and great article! My apology if *I've* seen and passed over your writing on this subject earlier.

One would THINK a campaign year would be a good time to highlight abuses. Not that the lip service politicians give during campaigns is really of any value.

I am once again using it as an opportunity to communicate with candidates on OSS issues, and of course abuses by proprietary companies must be part of that.

I'd LOVE to send the link to your article to a couple of candidates, but of course that isn't likely to actually GET TO the candidate anyway!!!

I'll share this as best as I can, anyway, though!

Paul H.

Mar 03, 2006
11:22 AM EST

I just got some information that we're checking out. From Tom DeLay's web site. One of our contacts and a person who has tracked this from years ago:

Tom DeLay's new assignment: On the committee that oversees funding of the Jack Abramoff, Preston Gates, and Microsoft ties.

OK, Stanley, the committee will look at your request and we'll proably approve it as long as it does ouch the folks in redmond. is that clear Stanley?

Yes Senator.

Ah, what's that about?

Mar 03, 2006
11:29 AM EST

A respected, popular (conservative Republican) local talk show host recently commented that the party in power always took advantage of opportunities to abuse the system. He conveyed the strong impression that he was seriously disappointed, which is especially interesting since he's not exactly new to the scene.

So, does that mean corruption is reaching new heights in this 'age' of our nation and world?

But, we DO need MORE factual reporting with LESS grudge slanting. I don't think I'm worried about you participating in a grudge match... :)

Well... never give up. What else can we do?

Mar 03, 2006
12:44 PM EST
Factual reporting, huh?

Here we go:

note in the press release below: (Brought to my attention by Dr. Gene Nelson)

assigned DeLay to two subcommittees: Science, State, Justice & Commerce (SSJC) and Homeland Security.

Washington, Feb 8 -

Congressman Tom DeLay (R-Sugar Land) today thanked the House Republican Steering Committee for re-appointing him to the Appropriations Committee and pledged to work on the committee for the interests and values of his constituents in Texas.

“It’s great to be back,” DeLay said. “The Appropriations Committee’s agenda touches on every challenge now facing the people of the 22nd district, and my votes will reflect Texas values.”

Appropriations Committee Chairman Jerry Lewis (R-Cal.) quickly assigned DeLay to two subcommittees: Science, State, Justice & Commerce (SSJC) and Homeland Security.

“On these subcommittees, I’ll directly oversee funding priorities for NASA and our border/homeland security infrastructure, both critical assets to the Houston region. My priorities are clear: fully funding NASA’s budget and protecting Houston’s security vulnerabilities,” DeLay said.

Lewis welcomed DeLay’s return to the committee. “Tom has always been a strong advocate for fiscal conservatism,” Lewis said. “As majority leader, he was instrumental in bringing our appropriations bills in on time and on budget. As a member of our committee, I know we can count on the same commitment and energy.”

DeLay served on the Committee from 1987 until 2003, and he will rejoin the committee as its sixth most senior Republican.


Yo momma. It means what you know it means. New heights? Nixon and watergate sorta.


Mar 03, 2006
12:48 PM EST
What else can we do?

Give the governing party such a shellacking come November that both sides think twice about trying this kind of corruption next year. I remember one Canadian election several years ago when the governing party was reduced from 190 seats in the House of Commons to 2 seats and the PM lost his seat. That kind of crushing defeat gets the message through (at least for a while).

Mar 03, 2006
2:18 PM EST
> Give the governing party such a shellacking come November that both sides think twice about trying this kind of corruption next year.

As long as the Republicans and Democrats think they're the only two choices available, voting out the current one will make no difference. They know they'll be voted back in when the other party gets caught doing the same thing, which is only a matter of time.Both parties are so corrupted by power that they're incapable of real reform. It will take the rise of a third party to get any real change.

Mar 03, 2006
11:29 PM EST
Jdixon, unfortunately, a third party will never stand a chance in our current political system. Personally, I'm a big advocate of ranked voting (, I believe it's the best way to diversify the party choices.

-> Fritz

Mar 04, 2006
8:53 AM EST
I've discussed this with people who manage advocate web sites. I find some incredible "sound" evidence. It just gets ignored.

The reason people get political power is they slip politicians favors through shills, etc. Then the politician can't speak or take action for fear of being exposed.

The interesting thing about that: It doesn't cost a lot to get them compromized - a few thousand dollars will do it.

Getting the mainstream news media excited will do it.

Mar 04, 2006
2:50 PM EST

> unfortunately, a third party will never stand a chance in our current political system.

Possibly true, but it's also possible that you're being too pessimistic. Things have changed before and they can again. It wasn't that many years ago that people were predicting the eventual fall of the west to communism, after all. A lot can change in 20 or 30 years, much less 50-100. Of course, that assumes the US government as it currently exists can last that long, which if current spending patterns continue is problematic.

Mar 05, 2006
7:37 AM EST
jdixon: I think it stinks but fritz is pretty much right. The way that the Constitution is worded and because of how the process of creating a political party is recognized by the government, the existing parties have to allow it to happen. The amount of critical mass(number of representatives) required for the government to recognize a new political party can never happen without representatives from the existing parties voting in favor of it. Which will never happen. Even if there were 100 "Independent" representatives in Congress and they all voted together, all the time, the existing parties would never let a third party come into existence and take seats in commitees, push their own legislation through and take political influence from them.

You are right that things have changed in the past and things can change again, but. Even if as you say that the government cannot go on the way it is going, the Federal Government is pretty much like a huge corporation and even if it cannot function in its duties it will assert its right to exist, no matter what. The Government can change the laws to suit itself and like is already happening for the big corperations, legislate its rights to supersede those of the individual. Which we all know has already happened.

It stinks, but the Bull and Moose party was a one time thing. Rupert Murdoch and many others will not allow there to be anyone but a Republican in the White House ever again. The voting machines are rigged the same way the system is, they have a 6 to 3 advantage in the Supreme Court and then there is the possibility of another 9/11 sending us into police state status, forever. The Democratic Party is all but marginalized, all a Republican has to do is say "Gay Marriage" and they will win any election. Because Republican or Democrat aside, Fundamentalists will not vote for a candidate that allows Gay Marriage to be allowed by the Federal Government. That issue alone can keep the Conservatives in power forever.

Roe vs Wade will be overturned. Non-belief in God will be considered "Terrorist Thought" Corporations will rule unhindered - which has already happened.

Just think of us as the U.S.S.R in the 50's and 60's, only with a "free" press. Free, yeah right.

The slate needs to be wiped clean but the time of revolutions has passed my friends. The only way it will ever really change is if we are all willing to die to change it. If we can no longer protest our own Government and at the same time they have the ability to detain anyone for any reason for as long as they want? Suspicions become facts? The Patriot Act was the last nail in the coffin for the right of the average citizen.

But I am really not trying to be pessimistic about it. Honest. :-)

Mar 05, 2006
4:28 PM EST

Lots that I could comment on, but this is verring to far into politics and could trigger Tom's delete key. :) Suffice it to say that I share your concerns and am equally pessimitic about the future of the US. Fortunately, I know there are powers stonger than any government, and have faith they will see us through.

Mar 06, 2006
7:40 AM EST
Your right jdixon, veering too far. For the record, I may be Agnostic but I respect that others are not like me. It is the people who use their beliefs as a vehicle to control others that I do not respect. That's what really burns me up. Because I know that if there is a God, he is about Love, not Hate.

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