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Mar 10, 2006
6:29 PM EDT
I sit in my Kontact with my email, With music playing from my amaroK with my RSS-Feeds available..

I find things new every day..

Government information from RSS.. News from RSS..

Todo lists- Journal - Calendar. so much more intergrated than M$ and i keep learning more..

I left my mouse over an MP3 file on my desktop last week.. WOW it played the start of the track while i was playing music at the same time..

So many things to make you more productive..


Mar 10, 2006
6:59 PM EDT
Hello michealcole,

May I ask which distribution do you use ? I use fedora core 4, and I am not too happy with its handling of music apps, however, Fedora core is the only distribution which runs properly on my laptop (music aside).

Best regards, jboyd.

Mar 11, 2006
2:01 AM EDT
jboyd,...I experience the same joy. I actually use three distros, obviously not all at once. PCLinuxOS is my workhorse and it handles all music formats out of the box...no tweaking reqired. I also use the Open Suse 10 and the newest Elive distro. As a beta, the Elive handles multimedia stunningly well.


Mar 11, 2006
8:42 AM EDT
Hello helios,

I will give those three distros a try, though , I have been asking my router politely for some time now to allow me the use of bittorrent (to get elive) , but to no avail... I am wondering if it is my dsl modem that may be causing the problem. Anyway thanks again.


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