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Mar 11, 2006
9:58 PM EDT
With Linux (open source) If you don't like something you can change it and share it with others.

I didn't find a window manager that I liked so customized one.

Mar 12, 2006
5:03 AM EDT
I very much agree that the issue is one of control.

With proprietary systems, you are often kept out of portions of your own machine. With Linux you can look at what you want, change what you want, and store what you want.

It is my machine again.

Mar 12, 2006
1:53 PM EDT
Reasons I like linux are due to the look and feel and the people.

Linux feels solid as an operating system, (if operating systems can have a feel to them).

As far as looks go, a gui system that has four desktops and several alternatives is another reason I like linux. Instead of minimizing everything to one desktop, I can assign desktops by function. It helps me in my workflow.

Finally, the one and foremost reason I like linux, is the teamwork and friendships I made. For example, I participated on the testing of a new linux version. Via the net I met enthusiastic individuals from the far ends of the earth. I was able to appreciate their love of the product. I saw how teamwork of individuals, separated by thousands of miles, continents and up to 12 hour timezones away can produce a most reliable and intelligent product.

Most of us, were we financially independent, would still chose linux over other systems. That decision would be taken because of the synergism that occurs when an area or problem is resolved and improved upon together. Linux binds peoples together.

Leslie Montreal

Mar 13, 2006
12:29 AM EDT
A few friends and I run a series of install caf├ęs. We use schools, youth clubs, libraries and the like for free and invite people to drop by to have a system installed, a bug fixed or what it might be. Now, Linux users are a technologically experienced group, and we are so respected that people from the outside come to us with hardware issues. Our community mentality makes a lot of friends and supporters, and this is one of the traditions that I strive to maintain.

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