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Mar 17, 2006
8:06 AM EST
I am shocked...shocked!! that there is gambling...Whoops!!! Wrong context.

Still, I am shocked that you, preacher's son that you are, could spare so little compassion for Mr. Bill.

Has it occurred to you that a whole lot more people don't compute than do?

We like to toss out euphemisms like "the Third World" as if most of this planet were actually off on some other hunk of rock.

The truth is, even at ridiculously cheap prices, if somebody figures out how to make so much as a sliver of profit selling these things, the accumulated earnings from anything the whole freaking world buys are immense.

Take it one step further: say the whole world buys this silly little thing and it helps them manage their resources a little better, lets them create more wealth, makes them bigger players in the world economy?

The cash registers would drop dead trying to count up the loot.

And poor Bill? He might have to settle for being the SECOND richest man on the planet.

Mar 17, 2006
11:31 AM EST
> Still, I am shocked that you, preacher's son that you are, could > spare so little compassion for Mr. Bill. I've been hardened, Dino, hardened. It's almost as if there were obnoxious forces at work in my life, posting commentary on my dearest creations -- this commentary, over time, has turned me into the insincere, insensitive clod that I've become. Lord only knows what kind of a kind soul I would have turned into if only I had been given the chance to air my views without the feeling that *someone* was simply going to piss all over it like so much foul tux ground -- yet here you are.

> Has it occurred to you that a whole lot more people don't compute > than do? I've always wondered at whether or not you use a computer -- is that a confession Dino?!?! Is it?

> We like to toss out euphemisms like "the Third World" as if most of > this planet were actually off on some other hunk of rock.

You geologist hackers are all alike. You crouch in the dust of your caves, nothing but the glow of your shiny metal pick axes and the smell of graphite to guide your way. You thought you'd just sneak in here, all scientific-like, toss out a few technical terms to make me think you were a caring open-source bigot, but the true lay of your land has given away your dark intentions.

Try and cast me in some sort of role as a hardened person? Get a mirror -- or maybe just look into some hematyte -- I'm sure there's some in your desk drawer right now. Try -- but you will fail, surely, as I'm on to you now. HA!

Someday soon you'll see how the world has turned -- we already know your mineral composition. The world will soon know as well and then -- THEN we'll see who's got some hardening to do.

Until then, go ahead and try to chisel away at my character some more -- the chips won't fly your direction, that's what I'm trying to say.

(PS: This is standard, stock Dino/FeriCyde banter -- please don't take this seriously, if you haven't figured it out by now)

Mar 17, 2006
12:03 PM EST
>I've been hardened, Dino, hardened.

Paulie! I keep trying to tell you that formaldehyde baths will not make you immortal, merely durable.

>I've always wondered at whether or not you use a computer

Unlike the aforementioned Mr. Gates, I do not. I interact with my good friend, Mr. Compy. I could not bear to exploit him for billions. I care about his feelings and treat him like an equal. He, of course, looks down at me.

>Until then, go ahead and try to chisel away at my character some more

Sniff. I have to go now and have a good cry.


Mar 17, 2006
12:33 PM EST
Somebody left the rubber door open again.

Where are the men in the white suits?

Mar 17, 2006
12:39 PM EST
>Where are the men in the white suits?

As I understand it, they are all busy elsewhere, putting in heavy overtime working Capital Hill and the NCAA tourney.

Mar 17, 2006
1:18 PM EST
Capitol Hill is like the Roach Motel of sanity: People go in sane, then they go insane.

Are those laptops going to be sold in the U.S., at higher price? Or has Bill made that illegal?

Mar 17, 2006
4:57 PM EST
> putting in heavy overtime working Capital Hill

Freudian slip there eh Dino? Capital not Capitol.

Mar 17, 2006
5:16 PM EST
>Freudian slip there eh Dino? Capital not Capitol.

Can you say Abramoff three times fast?

Mar 17, 2006
5:39 PM EST
rico123: zing!

Believe it or not, when you catch the 'trac'd one on things like this, he actually *does* care -- even though we're clowning around, it's more embarassing than calling him a M$softie.

Dino: I don't take formal-de-hyde baths, but I do take ferri-cyan-ide baths:


Google fericyde, FerriCyanide is the suggestion it comes up with (did you mean blah?).

One of the reasons I loved the nickname FeriCyde boils down to this and the fact that one of the uses for ferricyanide, or potassium ferricyanide (or PF -- for it's full compound name) is because it makes for chemical highlighting of pictures.

Reference: -and- Reference:

I googled it to make sure no one else was using FeriCyde, and found out that it wasn't taken. Then read the above and started laughing, and finally noted with some interest that the compound name (PF) were my initials -- that kind of set me to it for good.

FeriCyde was the nickname bestowed upon me by the mighty Dave Seager -- a good boss and an awesome person to know. Since things like the above simply don't happen, I decided that I'd stick with the nickname.


Mar 17, 2006
6:37 PM EST
Hey Paulie ---

Thanks for the chemistry lesson.

Ya learn something new every day.

I always thought FeriCyde meant jumping to your death from a Ferris Wheel.

Mar 17, 2006
7:11 PM EST
Ironically, insecticide was probably what the former boss actually said. But it got twisted around inside that warped mind of yours' and we ended up with a chemistry lesson today. Thanks for that - there goes another 60 seconds of my life that I will never get back.


Mar 17, 2006
8:37 PM EST
Anybody want to join the new FeriCyde Spill-Checkr Repair Fund? Your philan-trophy will be a warm, fuzzy feeling. Sorry, nothing to hang over the mantle to amaze your friends. Maybe some hardware hacker can come up with a hand-cranked one so we can annoy his Billness while fixing FeriCyde spills.

[edit to add:] Crap. Just checked and philanthropy is one he got right. 'Scuse me while I clean up some egg.

Mar 18, 2006
8:17 AM EST
grouch: I write my articles in vi in raw html mode, then I use aspell -c on the file... Talkbacks are a lower-quality situation, one I worry less about.

tool: The stuff you refer to is awesome Reference:

I recommend it in large doses -- likely will clear up your suit-wearing habits if you use it enough!

--Non-Tool FeriCyde

Mar 18, 2006
8:55 AM EST
Paul: Aha! The secret to your slings and arrows mocking the Bill's mocking is out -- you are viciously insane. Is it true that the vi command set is now frozen because there are no other possible key combinations left unused?

I really would like to see some variation on the $100 laptop on sale in the U.S. Make just a few modifications and it could sell here and the proceeds used to help subsidize its sale where that $100 is a scary amount.

Mar 18, 2006
9:02 AM EST
grouch --

You, if you are like Paulie, might find the $100 laptop a little bit confusing. Plans for US models have hit a snag in that the keyboard cuts a few corners.

Specifically, the letter "I" has been removed on the theory that Americans are already sufficiently self-centered.

This causes no problem for emacs users, but there is no vi.

There is a lightweight alternative, known simply as "v", but it has rather severe limitations.

You see, the developers behind the $100 laptop's software are very talented people indeed, but, as often happens when crossing borders and languages, things got just a bit gummed up.

The editor is useful only for typing congratulatory notes. Seems the developers got a bit confused when somebody told them "V is for victory".


Mar 18, 2006
9:48 AM EST
dinotrac: I have no doubt that the ever-industrious Emacs users have created a vast multitude of add-ons, macros and full-blown Lisp programs to call up via incredibly obtuse, non-mnemonic cabal-like Meta combinations of keystrokes in order to substitute for pressing the "i" key. They are awe inspiring at such things. (I can't confirm it, but rumor is that Emacspeak was developed, not to provide a complete, audio desktop for the blind ahead of many such endeavors, but rather to translate normal typed language for Emacs users, who, of course, have trouble reading anything without META and piles of parentheses liberally sprinkled within).

Alas, if the laptop that gives the Bill the creeps will not have "i" and since sufficient power to feed the gigabytes of storage and RAM required by the typical Emacs user would surely cause an alarming increase in repetitive stress syndrome hospitalizations due to all that cranking, $100 laptop users will be left with The One True Editor, joe.

Negroponte may set the world free with this idea!

Mar 18, 2006
9:59 AM EST
grouch -

Ah yes! Joe. The perfect editor for revved up code, and not bad with bagels, either.

You have made me realize, however, that emacs users may find themselves frustrated at the work required to port all of their Lisp to Lsp.

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