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Mar 17, 2006
10:32 AM EST
Bill's comments are in keeping with his usual insensitive and uncaring attitude. You know that he is just trying to figure how he can make his own $ off a variant of the idea. The real problem with the project to supply $100 computers to the 3rd world is that it's just a bad Idea from well meaning people who think that computers are the answer to all the ills of the world.

Computers $100 ones or otherwise are probably the last thing that people in the 3rd world need. The real world result of this will probably be a rash of new Nigerian spam trying to get the rest of us to part with our money, so that these guys can buy themselves a better computer....

Mar 17, 2006
11:14 AM EST
You might want to take a look at the recent updated article on what's happening in China. http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/46808/index.html It looks like someone figured out how to provide a real benefit to farmers using cheap computers.

Mar 17, 2006
1:33 PM EST

I'm not arguing that computers are not useful when backed by what appears to be a well funded government effort, but that's rarely the case. Just giving away $100 computers, in itself, does nothing.

Mar 17, 2006
4:15 PM EST
JImf, Why don't you try and inform yourselves about the project before spouting off.

Your idiotic argumentation would hold for Cell phones as well. Sure no use for that either. Just ask the people at Grameen bank that is close to having eradicated poverty in Bangladesh, via stupid programs like Micro loans and Cell phones.

Mar 17, 2006
4:38 PM EST
Lol bstadil,

looks like there was a little more to that program than just passing out cell phones either. Thank's for making my point.

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