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Apr 04, 2006
3:11 PM EST
This is my idea how to stop Microsoft

A Firefox plug-in that stop the "Get-the-Facts" ad's.

A "black-list" to go with the glug-in.

At least a list of those sites that mix "Get-the-Facts" ad's with GNU/Linux content.

Apr 04, 2006
6:31 PM EST
The publicity alone would freak Microsoft out.

Apr 05, 2006
3:29 AM EST
I use an extension for Firefox called "Remove it Permanently". Does wonders for removing the "Get the Lies" "Disinformation Center" "Editorialtizement" from LT.

Apr 05, 2006
4:18 PM EST
I'd rather wade through hog manure up to my chin than visit LT.

Trolling and astroturfing by a mole editor -

Exposure -

Apology for getting caught -

Disingenuous diversion tactics at the same time as the mole was calling Newsforge "Newsforger", etc. -

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