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Story: FOSS Community Should Not Negotiate With Microsoft On Port 25Total Replies: 1
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Apr 13, 2006
8:21 AM EDT
We must be careful in our attitudes, here. We must be like Goldilocks, and insist on "just right". Be too hostile to Microsoft, and they'll have their back up even more. Be too complacent, and watch while they use us and dump us like an old rag. The correct way to handle this situation,both pre- and post- port 25, is to take the position of "you can't beat us, so you might as well join us."

Really, for all their power and clout, Microsoft from day one has acted like a paranoid coward. I mean, why bully the world if you're really good enough to stand on your own merit? What they need to find out - as Sun and IBM found out - is that the global empire business is tough to extend forever, and also that open source isn't any damn threat to them, anyway!

No, Microsoft has acted like this because they're scared. And you think they have reason to be now, wait til ReactOS grows up. Wait til more people realize that a BSD desktop feels like 95% the same as a Linux one. Wait til there's 25 Open Solaris distributions instead of 4. Wait til Plan9 version 5 comes out. Wait and see what the next 5 years in open source computing brings; [Mandatory Memo to GNU: Finish the Damn HURD already!] what new systems will be sweeping the world that haven't been invented yet?

But, as everybody should have learned by now, you don't fight back against a bully and you don't run away. You stand your ground and do NOT tremble and show them you are not afraid! But you also don't give them reason to continue their threats. Not while they're waving that gun around... any other course of action, and we'll be just as responsible for our own future suffering as they are.

Apr 13, 2006
9:27 AM EDT
You cannot be "too hostile" to Microsoft. They deserve nothing less than complete and utter destruction of their current business model (terroristic threatening while holding data and users hostage).

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