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Apr 14, 2006
1:41 AM EDT
Dave, I was doing fine, until I read the words: "In my faith..." Please blog your "faith" elsewhere, and keep linux clean, will ya?

Apr 14, 2006
5:15 AM EDT
My name is Don. I live in a free country. I exercise my faith and allow others to exercise their's freely. As long as I am not attempting to convert you to my faith in this forum, I am within my rights. The principle I explained seems to have been overwhelmingly accepted by our readers, many of whom share your sentiments. You respect my rights; I'll respect yours. Fair enough?

Apr 14, 2006
9:17 AM EDT
cwakefield: All Don did was describe a process and use an example he is familiar with. All people do this. Don is a Minister and he used an example that came easily to him.

I am Agnostic in my beliefs and I was not offended by anything he said, and I should have been right? No. He was not promoting anything, he was explaining something, quite well I might add.

Don has never done anything like that. Read all of his articles, the only reason that religion is brought up in the context of Linux or OSS is the fact that he is an ACTUALLY an Ordained Minister.

I cannot see what it is that he said that upset you so much. You should re-consider your position on this.

Apr 14, 2006
10:32 AM EDT

For the sake of 'political correctness' I suppose that Don could have substituted 'my job' for the (in your opinion) offensive phrase ;-). Never the less, I know what he meant, and, I think you're being pretty narrow minded to discard the article and slam Don for one phrase you find disagreeable.

Apr 16, 2006
2:27 AM EDT
I have BEEN to the mountaintop and mine eyes have SEEN The Penguin trampling the BROKEN shards into the dust of forgotten nightmares!

Ooops. Sorry.

Faith is useful where science has yet trod. Faith is not required to analyze the fidelity of the author's characterizations or worth of his admonishments. Faith was not requested of readers by the author. The mere mention of the author's faith does not imply the reader must share, adopt or consider that faith in determining if the author's message is worthwhile.

IMO, the message tips the Truth-O-Meter far into the green with or without the appearance of the word "faith". The author may have faith in the existence of an omnipotent hyperbolic paraboloid forming a roof over the universe to protect us from evil attacks by cosmic bucky-balls from a parallel bizarro universe for all I know. He simply does not require faith on my part to determine the veracity of his message nor does he use his message to try to sell his faith to me.

Apr 16, 2006
12:27 PM EDT
As long as Don doesn't start ranting about how everyone needs to believe as he does, let 'im talk about his faith all he wants to.

BTW Don, I do take issue with "free country." :P Sorta-kinda-free, mebbe.

Apr 18, 2006
2:30 PM EDT
>BTW Don, I do take issue with "free country." :P Sorta-kinda-free, mebbe.

Yeah, I know. What's this country coming to?

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