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Apr 19, 2006
1:05 PM EDT
So here's the debian community. Not enough people are available and/or willing to test packages, or managers to review these tests, and get everything approved and shipped in a new release. They have, perhaps, no incentive. It's a community thing, not for cash. However, where are these communities? Are they over at Fedora? Or perhaps these communities have left for Novell, Slackware, Ubuntu, Mepis, Mandriva? The fragmentation is causing the freebies (free help) to dry up, perhaps? Debian is one of these communities where there are no bounties, no foundation paying huge sums of money (that I know of), and no corporate sponsorship. That's a shame if I'm correct in my assumptions there.

Many people are genning their distro off Debian, but not returning the benefit back. They may think, so what if it's an older stable release? I can take the newer alpha release, approve a bunch of junk my way, swap packages and the like, and re-release it as my own distro. That's what Ubuntu has done.

To those who continue to do this to Debian, without returning enough back, I think it will backfire some day. The makers of Ubuntu will go back to the Debian site and it will say, "This site is down until further notice." At that point, a lot of people will have to take a long, hard look at what has happened here.

There needs to be an incentive at the Debian commune. The builders need payments to excite them enough to quit their day jobs and focus on this full-time. Since selling Linux software is bad form, they'll need to take the Mozilla model. That means a foundation, a tech support center, great marketing, a fantastic website, partnerships with other communities and companies, and bounties. At that point, they would be looking a lot like Ubuntu and Canonical.

Ubuntu and Canonical might as well just take over the Debian project, then.

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