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Apr 20, 2006
5:15 AM EDT
Is Linux ready to challenge MS Vista?

On a technical level, GNU/Linux has surpassed MS offerings a long time ago, but it falters on the "business" side of things.

As long MS is as large a juggernaut as it is and its ways are not mended, GNU/Linux will remain second fiddle. GNU/Linux doesn't have the strongarming power of unethical business practices. Doesn't have the resources to bribe people to use GNU/Linux. Doesn't have iron preloading deals which are inescapable through discount blackmail. Doesn't have hard marketing dollars to spread FUD.

It will take time for the masses to see they have been duped by Redmond. Until then, GNU/Linux will stay the underdog. It would be best to can the phrase "Year of Linux < insert market segment here >" for a while. Repeating it over and over and not delivering on it only makes us look crazy.

Apr 20, 2006
10:29 AM EDT
I get soo tired of this FUD. It's arguable that MS has never produced a 'Enterprise' OS. Certainly not with adequate security and stability. Now Vista promises to be even worse, with unreasonable hardware requirements and unlimited bloat to boot.

Business, and especially the large Corporations are bitching because MS suckered them into unfulfilled Windows promises, and proprietary standards. Now they are stuck with either continuing to be raped by Bill, or to bite the bullet and transition to something which really is Enterprise worthy.

They all want a seamless / painless (read no $ or effort) way to transition, and that's just not reasonable or even possible. This is strictly a 'cover your ass' situation where no one wants to stick his neck out for fear it will be lopped off. I have no sympathy.

Apr 20, 2006
12:21 PM EDT
You tell 'em, lads. What you said and then some!

Apr 21, 2006
8:02 AM EDT
You know, I just discovered that a guy I know, who I always thought was a Windows fan, was really a closet Mac fan. Last night, he showed me the Mactel they got their CEO. It will dual-boot Windows, of course. When he got a blackberry, the whole management started getting them, too. That pattern is likely to repeat in this case as well. Maybe we should have started at the top. ;-)


Apr 21, 2006
9:25 AM EDT

I agree. What we really need is to get Linux preinstalled on some fancy hardware. Many in upper management would eat that up, but, they have to see it first.

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