Story: Linspire Announces 'Freespire' Version of Their Popular Linux Operating SystemTotal Replies: 0
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Apr 25, 2006
7:36 AM EDT
Good, good, good. Finally, there's a distro where all the vital non-free software is installed out-of-the box already. YAAAAY, just give all the annoying newbies who are to stupid to apt-get install fglrx-driver an Unfreespire-CD and they won't bother us alpha-geeks no more. Yes, that means all the Debian experts that are getting bugged by Ubuntu-Newbs on IRC everyday will finally have some rest to maintain their own boxes. This is the next hot thing, yesyesyes. Installfests without the need for experienced helpers finally become a possibility. All the games and wifi-cards will work out of the box. Click'n'run will give you all the best for just a handful of dollars.

Only one question: When Freespire's selling point is to include non-free software that is sooooo vital for us, why wouldn't I change sides in the first place and use a non-free operating system like MS Windows or Apple's MacOS? I heard quite a many Linux games run on Windows, too. The ATI and NVIDIA drivers for windows are only slightly slower than the ones for Linux, as well.

I really hope Linspire goes down in flames quickly, it'll be fun to watch. Anyone who hasn't realised that the first two paragraphs of this post consist of 100% sarcasm by now is a d**khead.

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