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Story: Rebuttal to Rob Enderle's Why Linux May Never Be a True Desktop OSTotal Replies: 5
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Apr 26, 2006
7:57 PM EDT
I didn't notice the original Enderle article... What struck me, though, is that here we have Rob Enderle, Mr. I-Have-A-Mission-To-Trash-Linux himself in effect saying that Linux has a chance at being a "True Desktop OS". I probably shouldn't listen to Mr. Enderle at all, no matter what he's saying... but this pair of articles left me feeling like world domination is just a couple more Microsoft blunders away...

Apr 27, 2006
9:07 AM EDT
Rebutting Rob Enderle is like kicking dog poop. It seems like a good idea until you actually do it... ;)

Apr 27, 2006
12:17 PM EDT
I hate his mustache.

It looks like it should have been a handle-bar mustache but just couldn't quite figure out what to do. Makes me do a full body shiver. sick.

Apr 27, 2006
12:32 PM EDT

And here's the thing...if you hold your nose, it even feels good --- all warm and squishy.

Eventually, however, you've got to breathe....

Apr 28, 2006
4:38 AM EDT
Would kicking his mustache be like kicking dog poop? That'd make my day.

Apr 28, 2006
6:51 PM EDT
Where do you put the coins in the Pretenderle vending machine? Does it have a wide selection of messages to choose from? Why do "journalists" keep wheeling it into public view and acting like the messages it spews weren't purchased?

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