quick poll: who reads LJ?

Story: Linux Journal Contents #146, June 2006Total Replies: 2
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Apr 30, 2006
9:51 PM EDT
I used to look forward to getting my issue of Linux Journal. Now I read Marcel Gagne's column and not much else. There are some occasional gems in the web articles. Anyone here still like and read LJ?

May 01, 2006
4:21 AM EDT
I like the gemcutter's column on line (I've been working with ruby on rails since last fall).

Marcel is good, and usually one or two other articles per issue.

Between LJ and LM, there is about one pretty good magazine in total.

I should say that I signed up for the 100 issues for $100.00 offer they gave a few years ago, so I do think what I get is worth $1.00.


May 01, 2006
7:12 AM EDT
I got my subscription to LJ through Free Software Magazine. I actually re-subscribed and read a few articles here and there. It's my only hard-copy magazine.

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