DRM = Deceptively Restricting Me

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May 04, 2006
6:47 AM EDT
We need to hammer on the propaganda phrases used by the vested interests who want to keep us caged and paying for every little sensory perception.

DRM digitally manages to remove rights, just because the MAFIAA wants more money. Therefore, DRM really means Deceptively Restricting Me.

The "broadcast flag" sounds sooo innocent, contrary to its treacherous destruction of fair use and invention. Anyone have a suggestion on how to get the message out about that thing?

May 04, 2006
7:09 AM EDT
A long time ago, I noticed that McDonald's counter people would repeat your order to them. You'd say, "I'd like a big mac, a small fries, and a small coke" and they'd "repeat" back to you: "Big mac, regular fries, regular coke". The phrase denoting a particular size changed from "small" to "regular".

Once you notice this sort of changing, a lot of phrasing irritates you. Or at least it irritates me. Advertising irritates me to the point of abandoning television during the Christmas Shopping Season.

The problem with getting irritated by this, or even noticing this phenonmenon, is that NOT EVERYONE NOTICES. Those that either don't notice or choose not to notice can actually violently disagree with you about the whole meaning of the variant phrasing. It's weird.

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