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Jun 07, 2006
7:30 AM EDT
Thanks for the warning Carla. Printing has frequently been the sticking point for folks that move from Windows to Linux at my LUG's installfests. I'll tuck this away for the next one. My ShipIt CD's are still a few weeks away, so I've got time to compile a nice list of gothchas to watch out for.


Jun 07, 2006
9:06 AM EDT
A couple other things to look out for are devfs/udev issues. These are kernel issues, not problems that Ubuntu invented. :) I wonder if clean installations have fewer problems than upgrades? At any rate, for the time being it might be wiser to stick to Breezy.

Jun 07, 2006
4:56 PM EDT
there has been a barrage of complaints within the forums about the printing issues with this release. From what I can tell, the devs that are still taking questions are doing so from a bunker mentality...this isn't nearly as small of a thing as it was spun by the initial reports...

Not a good development for the UBUNTU-WILL-ROOL-THE-WURLD crowd

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