Story: HI Researcher Continues OpenDocument FUDTotal Replies: 3
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Jun 14, 2006
7:18 AM EDT
his arguments are so childlike I think he is retarded. I am surprised you and me even waste the time responding.

I would like to see his stock portfolio and see any activity around the time he posts this nonsense.

all he needs to do is address why microsoft does not want to support it. but he knows the answer and that is why he will never answer that question.

Jun 14, 2006
8:33 AM EDT
I find it amusing that he is a 'researcher' and a 'senior fellow' yet he cannot walk the walk and only talks the talk. This fact alone...that he refuses to address FACTS that are WELL KNOWN...makes him naive and worse yet...stupid because he has to know that he's being naive.

Mr. Titch, if you read a man, not a mouse. Quit hiding behind nonsupported statements...Come out with Supporting FACTS instead of nonsensical blabber. You argue so poorly that a high school debate team member could trounce you in sub 20 seconds. The only course of action to a highly touted 'senior fellow' such as yourself would be to save face...remember, you're only a researcher and there is no possible way that you would be able to know everything. Apolgize and move on. Or don't and look like an ass.

Jun 14, 2006
11:05 AM EDT
I think he's already chosen the latter, dev.

Jun 14, 2006
12:11 PM EDT
I would seriously hate for him to engage in a debate here. He would be waxed in the first response. Frankly, I just hope he sold his credibility at a high price.

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