"Spaced out?" So _many_ FOSS speakers have that effect...

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Jul 17, 2006
4:34 AM EDT
...and anyone expecting Linus to sit on his sense of humour for no good reason and deny the effect is due for a rude shock.

However, I'll repeat it again: FOSS speakers tend to "space people out"... so many of the audience get left with that certain expression on their face, which highlights their thoughts: "That's genius! No, wait, it's too obvious to be genius... but it's genius anyway... so simple, effective and pure... why didn't _I_ think of that first?" and so on.

You'd expect someone like Mark Shuttleworth to be a good speaker, because the guy's conventionally famous and has done (and doubtless spoken about, as he did at LCA2006) world-reknowned things, and has been exposed to many other high-quality presenters; but what about this Swedish Finn who puzzled his IT lecturers, particularly that Tanenbaun bloke?

Yes, Linus Torvalds is a truly excellent presenter as well, albeit with a different style to Mark's.

Each, in their own way, has a sense of humour parched enough for use as a desoldering tool; each has a different upbringing, background and experiences to bring to the desk, and each does it very well. Each also produces that mentally-ploughed experience amongst the listeners, but in different ways. And each will leave their own kind of big hole in society when they eventually do go; which I sincerely hope will be a fair while before it happens.

And they're not alone. Nobody could replace Linus, but he has many fellow-travellers who are unique and special, each in their own way, who could not be replaced either.

For a tiny example, there were some large penguin fossils found just up the coast of NZ from LCA2006 (that amounts to a hundred or few kg per bird, so don't try stealing any fish) but there are countless items (including tee-shirts) sporting a much smaller penguin instead, whom Larry Ewing crafted for Linus for Linux. Only Linus had the character to "adopt" Tux for his software, and to wear the experience well.

Jul 17, 2006
10:56 AM EDT
Garbage in, garbage out. This is obviously a case of Corporate America talking to itself. A stupid way to access anything.

I do think that Linux is at the point where Linus could kick off tomorrow and Linux would continue on without him. Would he be missed? Sure he would, but others would pick up the reins.

Jul 17, 2006
1:14 PM EDT
The whole thing looked pretty tongue and cheek to me..

I do like the Steve B. 'Ninja' reference though.

Jul 17, 2006
2:04 PM EDT
Please stop that. Do you think it's fun sharing the name Steve B. with that guy!? ;-)

Jul 17, 2006
2:25 PM EDT
Boy Scott! I don't know how you're going to dig yourself out of this one. ;-)

Bergman: If he doesn't correct this, we'll put him on Queue duty for the rest of the week.

Jul 17, 2006
2:30 PM EDT
Good! If it wasn't "name calling" I don't know what is... ;-)

Jul 18, 2006
1:49 AM EDT
Mark S is a very entertaining speaker. At LCA2005, he did a talk on his trip to the ISS. Was running a series of photo's on the screen while he dished out the stories those pics represented.

There was one photo I'll never forget. Two young, very cute, Uzbekistani (sp?) girls. Around 8yo or thereabouts. Huge delighted grins on their face, quite close up framing.

Mark look around at the screen as the audience burst out laughing as this picture hit the screen. "Ahh yes. Welcome to Uzbekistan".

The older of the two girls was giving the "Bird" a-la TopGun.


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