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Jul 21, 2006
4:54 AM EDT
Just a question...

What use flags were you using on the 300mhz server?

I'm looking at doing somewhat the same thing (just a much more powerful box), with no X11/wm etc.

Jul 21, 2006
8:00 AM EDT
I don't have them currently available, but they are something like

USE="-X -gtk -gtk2 -qt3 -qt4 -tiff -jpeg"

It works like this:

  • Pretend you are emerging something, with the verbose flag. For example, emerge -pv dbus
  • Look at the output. If some package pulls in a lot of other packages (more than three or so), something's probably wrong; emerge tries to pull in graphical stuff.
  • Find out which graphical stuff emerge wants to support. In the case of dbus, that would 'normally' be:

    +X -debug -doc +gtk -mono +python +qt3 (-selinux)

    Because of the +X +gtk +qt3 part, emerge tries to build dbus with 'graphical' support. We don't want any graphics, so in our make.conf we add at the USE=line:

  • USE="useflag_1 useflag_2 -X -gtk -qt3"
  • Do the emerge -pv again. If all goes well, only a few small packages are needed now.

    Repeat this steps until (almost) all graphical related useflags are turned off.

    Another way is to use UFED and try to turn off all graphical related USEflags, but by doing so you should review 300+ useflags, which takes a long time. UFED is also still a bit beta, though I could work with it.
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