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Aug 03, 2006
7:01 AM EDT
Logged in users could save a bunch of clicks if when visiting a thread it came up in the "skip to new" position, rather than at the top of the thread.

Of course, some subscribers might not like this, so you might want to make it an option on the User's Page.

I wouldn't suggest that this is worth a ton of work, but if it's easy...

Aug 03, 2006
8:18 AM EDT
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll bring it to Dave's attention. 'Bout the best I can do.

Aug 13, 2006
7:09 PM EDT
If there is a way to know if it is the first time they have visited the thread. Is it possible to have them taken to the 'skip to new' automatically after their first visit?

That would solve the problem of always having to hit the skip button when re-visiting a thread but take some who is new to the beginning.

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