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Sep 06, 2006
7:18 AM EDT
I find it pleasing that the reviewer gave 8 out of 10 for the rating...the exact rating given to Ubuntu and the highest rating given for Linux that they've reviewed. Of course, they did give it out to Xandros 4, Ubuntu 6.06, and now PCLinuxOS with Linspire pulling up the rear at 7 of 10. But it's pleasing all the same.

Many people overlook this distro or dismiss it because it's a LiveCD (w/ installer of course) or because 'it's just mandriva' (which it isn't). It's often just swept under the rug. Odd considering it can give you a full desktop with flash/java/video card/dvd support in 2-3 doesn't get any easier than that for new users.

I also find it odd that people overlook the printing capabilities you have using the PCLinuxOS Control have a wizard for installing a new printer. I haven't found another distro that does it easier.

So, it's good that this reviewer does PCLinuxOS right...even though they hate the name...which is also odd because many people know what a PC is...many have heard of Linux...and many people know what an OS is. But how many know what an Ubuntu is? How many know what a Xandros is? I'd say this name is just right.

Sep 06, 2006
8:29 AM EDT
I seem to remember there being a Gnome remaster of PCLinuxOS. Was that offical or just something somebody not connected with the project decided to do? Also, do you know of any plans to continue it?

Sep 06, 2006
9:01 AM EDT
There is a gnome version in the works with the latest and greatest. It's being done by one of the developers (thac) who has an add on repository and official help forum at

Currently though, I'm not sure of the status of this project as they're not developing it through the community project site I can give it a check for you though...I'll get back to you with it.

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