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Story: Is Linspire Any Good for System Builders?Total Replies: 0
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Sep 28, 2006
11:50 AM EDT
le boborooster was indeed at LinuxWorldSF where Linspire and Ubuntu handed out free CD copies of Freespire, Ubuntu and Kubuntu. All their install CDs worked properly and expo exhibitors seemed to be helpful to offer suggestions.

Ah... but some persons feel strongly different about Linspire vs. Ubuntu. These persons say that performance of Freespire on laptop systems is much worse than Ubuntu and Kubuntu -installed systems. Identical laptops with same hard drives, memory, ...etc. Freespire used up more resources, and the distributed Freespire CD was more difficult to use for anything other than the default installation. The only advantage for them in trying Freespire was its use of non-"open"/"free" material. One can see that this use of such non- "free"/"open" material is questionable to many LXer comment writers!!! Freespire to these experimenters is seen as a long-term work-in-progress rather than the finished products Ubuntu/Kubuntu are more like. That is essentially what they say.


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