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Oct 04, 2006
7:57 AM EDT
I'd like to have some sort of "mark all threads read"-button that resets the entry in the "New?" column to "no" for all threads in one particular forum. Atm the only way to get that "New?" mark to re-set to "no" is to actually follow the link to the thread. That wastes time as I'll have to follow onto threads I'm not interested it. The alternative would is not following the thread's link, thereby never re-setting the "new?" marker for a particular thread. In the long run, the "new?" column becomes useless as the forum becomes populated with threads that never get their "new?" marker re-set, making it difficult to determine which threads have been updated and which not.

The solution to that would be an (optional) feature that lets me re-set all threads' "new?" markers in a particular forum to "no".

Regards, Dominik

Oct 04, 2006
4:39 PM EDT
Thanks for this suggestion. I can see what you mean. I'll mention it to Bob, and see what we come up with.

Oct 05, 2006
1:20 AM EDT
thanks a lot, sorry for the many mistakes byraway. my english isn't that bad usually...

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