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Oct 28, 2006
1:25 PM EDT
R Morgan has all the reasons for using Linux or BSD down pat. I have to pretty much agree with what he's saying, but, therein lies the problem. It's pretty obvious that there's been little thought as to the audience he's trying to address, and, how they are going to receive an article starting with 'Microsoft fanboys'. I can't imagine a better way to flamebait and alienate the Windows user.

This kind of behavior continues with a little dig, again pretty much senseless bashing, at the end of each section. Promotion of any issue assumes that you don't alienate your audience before you make your pitch. I certainly hope that the author rethinks his approach before part 2 of his article.

Oct 28, 2006
2:12 PM EDT
jimf -

Not only that, but he makes no effort to think of how he should address Windows users (or Mac users). A critical flaw if you consider that potential new Linux users come from one of two bases:

a. People who aren't using computers already or b. Windows and Mac users.

And, more likely than not, people in group a, if they get a computer and start using it, will likely get a Windows box and fall into group B.

Convincing people to do something is not a matter of piling up points. Supporting more hardware "out of the box" is nice. Supporting the hardware somebody wants to use is nicer, whether it is "out of the OS box" or out of the box that the piece of hardware came in.

The wealth of software that comes with a free of OS is a serious selling point, but we don't sell it well. It's like the hardware. A thousand applications on the disk does you no good if you don't have 2 or 3 that somebody wants to use, or, more likely, it's hard to discover in the pile of programs. Everybody seems to know a Windows app that does what they want. How many people know, for example, what a nice drum machine Hydrogen is for Linux? Or that Audacity makes it easy to do serious multitrack recording in Linux? Or that Ardour will go one step further if you want true professional capabilities?

A serious piece aimed at interesting Windows users must acknowledge the tradeoffs. There are very good reasons to use Linux over Windows and very serious advantages. It's always easy or even possible, however.


Oct 28, 2006
2:49 PM EDT
> he makes no effort to think of how he should address Windows users

I assume that is exactly the audience he was atempting to address. So, let's start out by insulting them?

After that intro, it doesn't much matter what you say, as, no one is listening...

Oct 28, 2006
3:33 PM EDT
>After that intro, it doesn't much matter what you say, as, no one is listening...

Good point.

Oct 28, 2006
4:22 PM EDT
Question: How is an M-(crap) fan going to find this article? My guess is that very few will go looking for this kind of article . . . .unless they really are masochistic and/or enjoy a flame war. i mean, I hadn't heard of this site (OA) until this article was posted.

No, I think the underlying intent -- more or less -- is self-gratification for linux fans. Sort of mental masturbation, if you'll pardon the expression! This will not win friends. It may influence people but not the way you'd want.

Don K.

Oct 28, 2006
4:25 PM EDT
> is self-gratification

That may or may not have been the intent, but, it's sure the only result.

Oct 28, 2006
5:20 PM EDT
It's easier to make yourself feel good than it is to accomplish some good.

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