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Story: Linux Gurus and the ability of a student to burn them out.Total Replies: 3
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Apr 15, 2007
8:13 AM EDT
I disagree, it's a great Linux story. You were lucky enough to know another Linux person. It was a year and a half before I met another Linux person off-line. Of the thousands of Linux stories I've read this is the only one I can recall that covers this subject. I have seen an increase in the "Just Switched to Linux" articles on the Web, so I suspect some exasperated old-timers can link to this story if they get buried with requests for help.

Apr 15, 2007
11:35 AM EDT
Well, if my mistake can be of help to anyone, At least one good thing came of it :) I am hoping to post a few articles now and then on Linux "Forget Laymans terms, Do You Speak English" Plain answers to simple questions...I have to get all my notes together though..I have how to's and workarounds written on everything from post its to napkins.

Apr 15, 2007
12:05 PM EDT
I hope you are better at getting your notes together than me. I have had the same sort of intention for a while and just never manage to make the time to turn it into doing.


Apr 16, 2007
4:58 AM EDT
LOL I hear you. I was in the process of getting some items together for just this purpose and came across an antique Sun Ultra 1 that I don't even remember inheriting and Poof! "Wow I wonder if this thing will boot." completely overpowered the "Man I need those notes and files to write a starting article." mentality. But the Sun gave me an IDPROM contains invalid data message and an OK prompt which is about as far down the path to "It's all greek to me." As Linux was the first day I laid eyes on a commandline prompt flashing at me just begging for some input.

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