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Apr 24, 2007
4:34 AM EDT
Makes me wonder a couple of things like

1/ has MS shot itself in the feet because these deals license the alleged patents for use in what it knows to be a GPL product? So it's either approved their spread into any GPL compatible software or the agreement is meaningless because the code purported to be covered isn't.

2/ that if there is any strategic rather than opportunistic money making from these things it is related to avoiding a globally fractured market where regions like the EU where software patents are meaningless (fully I hope) don't end up using Free Software to the exclusion of Microsoft products. I don't think I've explained why for that second one.

Apr 24, 2007
5:02 AM EDT
>as MS shot itself in the feet because these deals

Microsoft has shot itself in the foot many ways, but the relationship of the GPL and these deals has nothing to do with it.

Microsoft is free to license its software and its patents as it sees fit. The problem of compatibility with GPL'd software is for the users/distributors of the software, not for Microsoft.

Apr 24, 2007
6:23 AM EDT
Actually I begin to wonder if these "Patent Protection" deals microsoft is making with anyone it can might violate the hobbs act. Given the time to make a few more of his deals because of his threat maybe Steve "the mouth piece" Ballmer might actually manage to pull off a rico violation.

any thoughts Dino?

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