Dogs are omnivores

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Jun 04, 2007
12:27 AM EDT
Just noting. :)

Jun 04, 2007
2:19 PM EDT
Thanks for pointing that out.

I know some dogs are very indiscriminate (and will eat things they cannot digest), which was part of my point.

I decided to do some post-article research and found these entries: order Carnivora family Canidae, the dog family

What did it for me was that "...nearly all [Carnivores] eat meat as their primary diet item..."

Turns out to be a much more complex topic than I had suspected.

Jun 04, 2007
2:59 PM EDT
> Turns out to be a much more complex topic than I had suspected.

Doesn't it always? :)

I mean, there is always a surface of the topic which most of us may know about and there is the stuff beneath the surface, which you usually start learning on wikipedia. You can be amazed with what you can learn by scratching beneath the surface of every darn topic that there is. Of course, this may not be a very efficient use of your time sometimes. :)

Jun 04, 2007
3:01 PM EDT
Well, when you consider that your typical windows user "eats" (i.e. installs) everything that they are given, see pop up on screen, etc., omnivorous works pretty well....

Or, in the case of companies, they "eat" whatever MS feeds them....


Jun 04, 2007
3:59 PM EDT
That's why they're insultingly called "consumers"

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