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Jun 16, 2007
1:48 AM EDT
Dear Don

Please free your dog from the chain!


Jun 16, 2007
8:04 AM EDT
Thanks, but I am unable to offer the dog other accomodations at the moment. However, anyone willing to donate a regulation (home-owner's assoc. rules) fence and the labor to install it is more than welcome. Meanwhile, our daughter - the actual owner of the dog - is preparing to move out soon; her new home may offer a more ideal situation.

Jun 16, 2007
1:50 PM EDT
@janvl - What are you some Animal Liberationist looney?

@dcparris - There is no need for you to make excuses.

Jun 16, 2007
3:46 PM EDT
Traceyanne: I agree I have no need to make excuses. Still, I would rather build a fence. I'm just not in a position to. I also agree that no one should really tell me how to keep my dogs, as long as I don't abuse or neglect them. And no, I don't believe chaining a dog is abusive.

Jun 16, 2007
4:31 PM EDT
>And no, I don't believe chaining a dog is abusive.

Hmmm....This seems a lot like many of the discussions that go on around here.

Chaining a dog can be abusive. Depends a lot on heat, shade, availability of food, water, shelter, how long the chain is, how much time the dog spends chained, etc.

Most folks care about their animals and chain them because, well, most places don't take kindly to dogs running loose.

Deals with Microsoft can be abusive. High likelihood, in fact. However, they may also be expedient, as in Apple's deal ten years ago.

Jun 16, 2007
5:59 PM EDT
We've all missed the obvious- Apple had Steve Jobs when they made their deal with MS, and they still have him. I wouldn't put anyone running the current batch of Linux companies in the same category as Jobs. Not even close.

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