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Story: Ubuntu'd, you're getting a DellTotal Replies: 2
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Jun 20, 2007
3:09 PM EDT
From this ex-Dell technician, that something went right. Such stories are rare where I came from.

Seriously, a happy story and a good read.


Jun 21, 2007
12:09 AM EDT
Well written story there. I don't have children... just 9 cats and a dog. Perhaps we can buy them a laptop, then just borrow it from them. Hmmmm.

I have now a read a number of "I got me a Dell Ubuntu box" stories (well, technically 2 IS a number) and one story mentioned that the courier delivering the system commented that he was delivering a lot of stuff from Dell that week.

Are there any sales figures for these systems for the first month somewhere? I am really curious about whether this move is working out for them.

- Jaco G

Jun 21, 2007
5:28 AM EDT
I wonder if Dell would confess to figures like "10000% over expectations" ;)

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