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Story: Why Red Hat doesn't need a deal with MicrosoftTotal Replies: 4
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Jun 23, 2007
5:46 PM EDT
As if I needed Joe Barr to tell me this. What a wasted read. I wonder if he got the 150 bucks for posting this master-crap-piece of journalism. I've read better material on bathroom walls.

Jun 23, 2007
6:00 PM EDT
A little harsh on Papa Joe, methinks.

There may yet be those who wonder if Red Hat will join the "I like Mic" parade.

I would like to see one thing that Joe didn't do :

Write about the important ways that Red Hat differs from some other distros and what things would make a distro consider signing on the dotteds.

For example, Red Hat is financially sound and has a decent enterprise business already.

I'm not sure that Microsoft has much to offer Red Hat other than money, and I think the price is likely to be too steep (like, say, making ODF the native format of Office and abandoning all DRM plus enough money to party like it's 1999).

Jun 23, 2007
7:20 PM EDT
that truly would be interesting and unique and I'd welcome that :D

Jun 23, 2007
8:24 PM EDT
>that truly would be interesting and unique and I'd welcome that :D

It would really be cool coming someone who just quit the appropriate unit of Microsoft. I have to believe they've gone through the biggest distros and tried to identify those that might work with them and figured out how much each one is worth to them.

Jun 25, 2007
12:16 PM EDT
I thought that Red hat was approached already before Novell, and they said 'No'. At least that's what the rumor mills said the lunch get together was all about: [url= Microsoft-Red Hat warming trend/2100-7344_3-5701700.html] Microsoft-Red Hat warming trend/2100-7...[/url]

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