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Aug 17, 2007
5:14 PM EDT
Nice interview. You ought to have more of these.

Aug 17, 2007
5:18 PM EDT
There are more :-) Click on the "LXer feature" caregory at the bottom of the article. You should see a couple of other interviews (Dave Wreski, Sebastian Kugler).

Aug 17, 2007
5:27 PM EDT
Thank You for the compliments and yes, go to "Features" and you will see the others.

"The LXer Interview" will be an ongoing series for some time.


Aug 17, 2007
5:44 PM EDT
Scott, Sander,

Yes, I read all of them. :-) I ought to have said something about *frequency* ("more of these" leads to ambiguity).

Aug 17, 2007
7:48 PM EDT
More you say?

That can be arranged..


Aug 19, 2007
3:15 PM EDT
@Scot_Ruecker How about having one or two extra persons besides yourself to help you out with your interview?

This does not mean at all that the interview then becomes a panel-type Q&A session.

The idea here, instead, is that an extra person or two present at the interview will ask the candidate (or manage to remind you to ask) regarding a major point or two that either you are omitting or that LXer readers may very well wish to find out further highly relevant details of. In either case, everyone wins: you and your interview-partner(s) ask more complete and gently-revealing answers from the person interviewed, the person interviewed perhaps has the best chance of elaborating upon some key points stressed during the interview, and LXer readers can more readily glean what the person interviewed is directly AND INDIRECTLY(!) saying.

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