Inaccurate headline? [Palm]

Story: Palm to focus on Microsoft and stoped Linux development.Total Replies: 0
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Sep 05, 2007
6:10 PM EDT
The blog post seems to contradict other headlines and stories on the topic.

I've been confused, because indications that I got were that Palm plans to drop the Linux-based Foleo in favor of Linux development.

See, for example,

Quoting: Part of that effort includes a new Linux-based operating system that Palm plans to use across its future smartphones.

Also, Google News has several headlines.

Another example:

Quoting: Colligan said Palm is still working on Foleo II but remains primarily focused on getting the newest version of the Linux-based Palm OS to market.
{edit} Here is where I got my initial impressions from: LinuxDevices says,
Quoting: Colligan said the move would cost the company $10 million in earnings, but allow it to focus on a single Linux smartphone development platform going forward.
Quoting: The "new platform" may be based on Wind River Linux...

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