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Oct 18, 2007
3:59 AM EDT
This article is linking back to the LXer main page for me.

Oct 18, 2007
4:48 AM EDT
Me too. And alas, they still haven't fixed the links to the $0 laptops. Wonder if Steve would consider posting those articles someplace else? Or directly on LXer.

Oct 18, 2007
6:01 AM EDT
I've been running into this for probably a few days now. I get a feed on my yahoo homepage, and anytime I click a LXer article, I get bounced back too the front page, or to a new page with only the same summary. I finally got around to joining today just so I could ask about it.

I'm glad I found that more people than just me are experiencing this. I was beginning to think I was too stupid to use the Interweb.


Oct 18, 2007
7:29 AM EDT
Here is a link to the blog:

The Ubuntu vs. Debian blog URL seems to have underscores in it that the font choice at LXER does not display. I don't know if this is a source of the problem or not.

Oct 18, 2007
8:39 AM EDT
Here's a link to the item:

Hopefully it's working. I'll check the LXer item to see if it links back.

Oct 18, 2007
8:41 AM EDT
I fixed the link in the item itself. I don't know what happened, but all should be OK now. Sorry about the trouble.

And the upgrade from Movable Type 3.2 to 4.0 is still in the works ... but stalled due to issues with templates, tags and the like. We have nearly 100 blogs of varying degrees of popularity on the server, so it's a bit complicated.

Oct 18, 2007
1:27 PM EDT
Hi Steve, still access to your site is forbidden (403) for me. I'm in NL,EU, service provider is @home.

Any idea?

Oct 18, 2007
2:31 PM EDT
If you can access the site (, send me your IP -- if you don't know it, go to

I'll try to get you -- and your whole country -- unblocked. They promise me that once we go to MT 4.0, all IP blocks will be removed.

Get me via LXer mail or

Oct 18, 2007
10:43 PM EDT
hkwint -

Yes, they are blocking UK, and if they are blocking NL also, probably its the whole of Europe. Yes, we can get our individual IPs unblocked until our routers reboot.

But, forgive me if this seems petty, I don't think its our problem. The rest of the Internet seems to manage to allow Europeans to view their sites. If these guys cannot, maybe they should reconsider whether they want to be in the hosting business. Or whether indeed they are able to be in the hosting business. I mean, the minimum qualification for it is being able to provide access!

Oct 19, 2007
9:15 AM EDT
I can only agree. The situation is very troubling to me as well. If you wonder whether the hosting company meets the "minimum qualifications" to be in the business, the answer is very obviously no.

Oct 19, 2007
1:37 PM EDT
Steven: Why don't you just pack up and move? I've done that quite a few times. The trick is two-fold:

1) Always make sure you have a backup of your site at hand. And since we're all very lazy that means you automate it. Just configure your PC or home server to download a backup of your site daily or weekly. That means you still have your website even if the hoster screws you over. Fortunately in your case you do have access so you can make a backup now.

2) Never, ever let your hoster control your domain name. Always put your domain name with a different company than your hoster. That means you can always get an account at a different hosting provider and simply point your domain to your new host. You don't want to rely on your old host handing over control of your domain to your new host.

That also means you should not rely on someone else's domain name. Assuming in your case that insidesocial is not yours, you should have bought a domain name and pointed it to insidesocial's webservers instead of running your blog off their domain name.

Follow these two rules and the only problem you can get when a hosting provider goes bad is some limited availability in the 24 hours it takes to update DNS caches.

Oct 19, 2007
2:10 PM EDT
Believe me, the thought has crossed my mind. Movable Type stinks. And yes, pretty much all of Europe is blocked from the site, I learned today.

But they say when the Movable Type 4.0 upgrade is done, the spam filters will be good enough that they will remove the IP block.

And this is also a work-related Web site, meaning I work on it during my normal hours in between the many other things I'm doing. It's always a possibility that I will shift my blogging energy to a site of my own, but the advantages of being able to do this during my work hours outweighs the disadvantages. For the moment anyway.

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