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Story: The Laws of Open Standards Broken by Interoperability Total Replies: 1
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Dec 04, 2007
11:37 AM EDT
I wish you would write like that more often. It shows that you actually have a flair for it. boycottnovell may have gotten your name as a writer into the world, but its article like these that show that you can be well spoken and well thought out when you want to be.

Good job.

Dec 04, 2007
12:50 PM EDT
Yes in deed, Roy brings out a very important point. Open standards should be the only method of interoperability between desperate systems, whether for documents or protocols. The commission's solution does indeed go in Microsoft's favor and should not be acceptable by the FOSS.

The burden now falls on FOSS to come up with better open protocol and document standards and avoid MS all together as much as possible. MS needs to be isolated and the only way that can be done is for FOSS to proliferate as quickly as possible and become more ubiquitous in governments and the enterprise.

Here is a direct link to the agreement

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