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Jan 06, 2008
3:39 PM EDT

I can see why you are frustrated. I just don't see how you can blame the software when the errors are most likely user errors. I support hundreds of computers and I sometimes make mistakes. I'm pretty good at what I do, but there are times where I make a silly error and it takes me hours to figure it out. Most errors are simple typo's. Do you think that maybe you had a typo? I've even made the mistake of setting my domain name from .biz to .net, and not noticing. Usually I screw up when I'm tired. Were you tired when tackling Kmail?

I use both Thunderbird and Kontact for my email. Two separate machines, same email account. Kmail does send in HTML, although I prefer plain text myself.

HTML Sending:

File --> New --> New Message, click on settings --> toolbars --> place a check next to HTML toolbar.

A retraction would be nice : )... and no I'm not a KDE dev.


Alex C.


Jan 06, 2008
3:56 PM EDT
> Kmail does send in HTML

He didn't say it didn't. He said it did not correctly handle REPLYING to HTML mail.

Jan 06, 2008
3:57 PM EDT
Alex, ComputerBob didn't say KMail won't send in HTML. He said in his article that you can send new messages in HTML. He said it won't send HTML replies to HTML messages. This issue was also addressed in the bug report and forum discussion that he linked to. And he is right. Try it- take any HTML message, even one you sent to yourself, and hit reply. No matter what you do, it won't format in HTML. Even worse, if the message is not displayed in HTML when you hit reply, the reply will not render the HTML but display the tags as plain text.

Jan 06, 2008
4:13 PM EDT

You wrote, "I support hundreds of computers and I sometimes make mistakes."

A perfect example: your response to my article.

I won't go into all the details of why your response is nonsensical, almost to the point of being a non sequitur, because I already explained all of that, in great detail, in my article.

You really should read it some day.

Jan 06, 2008
4:28 PM EDT
Funny, I'm tired and I mis-read the part where you said "it can send in html", I read it as can't - like I said I'm tired, again... A bad ram module in a 32Gb server kicked my a** for more days than I want to admit. ECC error after 8~12hours...never want to go through that again. I did know about the replying to html mails.... A bug that never concerned me, as I use plain text.

I apologize for being a typical ill informed 'net jerk.


Alex C.

Jan 06, 2008
5:04 PM EDT
I understand. Thanks for apologizing. No hard feelings. ;)

Jan 06, 2008
6:15 PM EDT
I did a similar review fo EMail clients and selected found a reason as compelling to switch to KMail as was Bob's reason to steer clear.

In my case the reason was KMails superb features for Email filtering. KMail alone (well, with the exception of Eudora) allowed for both manual and automated filtering, based on an extremely intelligent rule set.

I've been a little frustrated with KMail's problem replying to HTML-formatted email, but my survey showed that every email client has its pain-inducing deficiencies.

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