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Aug 09, 2008
9:06 AM EDT
Wow. I started using GNU/Linux with Caldera 2.2, along about July, 1999. This story really lets me know how long ago I started using GNU/Linux. And I have been using it since then, going pretty much exclusively with various Red Hat/CentOS versions in 2003. I am currently using Fedora 8 (64 bit).

Aug 09, 2008
10:05 AM EDT
I went through a caldera phase as well, back in the 90s. They were a nice distro with some interesting features. Too bad they were absorbed into the sco zombie litigation machine.

Aug 09, 2008
12:17 PM EDT
I have very fond memories of Caldera -- they were the first distro with a really slick installer -- remember the tetris-like game built into it?

Got my copy handed to me by Ransom Love himself at NY Linuxworld in ---? May have been 99, may have been 2000. Don't remember at all.

Anyway, nice distro. Too bad the future was so harsh.

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