Does this actually surprise anyone?

Story: Financial Fraud Claimed at MicrosoftTotal Replies: 0
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Aug 26, 2008
11:02 PM EDT
Well firstly, it's a goofy conspiracy theory, and it appears on

But beyond all that, does MSFT buying off folks surprise anyone? I mean, at one point they had better than 40 BILLION dollars cash. And while MSFT is publicly held, it also has a pretty tight circle of big stockholders. That seems like a recipe for buy-offs, if you ask me.

I've only been at all close to one corporate whistle-blower that got bought off, but jeez, even a smallish large company isn't afraid to keep people on the payroll that never actually come to work, and give them large, large "bonuses".

MSFT's huge pile of cash is the real issue. That kind of money can cause a lot of problems. As our bulgarians friends say, "What cannot be bought with money, can be bought with more money."

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