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Oct 07, 2008
4:23 AM EDT
One can say "these are meant to be appliances" all you like, but while tiny... these things look like laptops, they can do the things laptops can do... there's no reason to ship 'em with these poor sad watered-down excuses for distributions they seem to come with.

Make it a real proper distribution and lop the appliance-like interface on top of it.

I can't speak for whatever the MSI one ships with, but the Xandros that comes with the Eee is just terrible. Some things it does well, just don't click on the Install Applications button - you'll be terribly disappointed.

It's just not good for Linux. I can appreciate that big companies are shipping hardware that runs Lin instead of the Microsoft alternative... but they are in a better position than most of us to drive its image right into the dirt.

Hey, you big corps with lots of money - DON'T EMBARRASS US !!

Oct 07, 2008
4:33 AM EDT
I was flying through Chicago yesterday and saw an Eee finally, after looking at it even casually, just the form should be an embarrasment. I'm all for the geek factor of 'what can I get linux to run on' but mass producing something like that ... people my PDA is slicker than that and has comparable specs, and I can convert it to Linux too.

All I can say is ... ick.

Oct 07, 2008
4:48 AM EDT
Well at least the Eee is sturdy. I think hte Apple one is called "Air" because that's all you need to actually break it.

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