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Nov 19, 2008
7:55 PM EDT
For a look at the challenges of creating a working, self-driving cars, check out Traffic : why we drive the way we do (and what it says about us) by Tom Vanderbilt. It's not the main focus of the book, but he does give mention to a couple of working prototypes and the complexity of the software needed to make them work safely.

Bob T

Nov 20, 2008
3:14 AM EDT
DARPA has a competition about self-driving cars. There were two editions already, and one was in the desert and the other in a specially secured part of a city - because it might be quite destructive ;) Really, self-driving cars are like voting machines. I would NEVER trust a speeding ton of steel to a computer (at least not while they aren't intelligent and self-conscious... but that would be another can of worms).

Nov 20, 2008
3:43 AM EDT
At this point, the self-driving car is kind of like going to the moon. The stated goal may or may not be advisable for "the common man," but we can't know the ancillary benefits until we actually do it.

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