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Jan 09, 2009
3:08 PM EDT
Did you hear the one about people who give away free computers? Well, there is no joke but isn't that a great start?

Quite a number of dogooder Linux folks are fixing up old boxes and getting them to kids, kids who would might never get a computer any other way. So, hows that working? Our buddy helios just wrote on one of his blogs that he has had to go to the pawn-shop and bailout some of those computers he gave to kids/families. Now that sux.

My daughter, the lawyer, is working for a non-profit law center that helps people who need that help and have little resources. They need a computer or two for the center that can be used by the children of the people talking to the staff (kids don't need to hear all the grim stuff) and she hoped that it would get Linux in the door.

I put her in contact with a avid if not to say rabid Linux Lawyer in the area. As he said: "Bingo". It was all cool. Being a lawyer he said there was a contract for this give-a-way. You put winders back on the computer, you pay him $150. When you are done with the computer, no matter how many years you use it, he gets it back.

Why a contract? He too has had to go "rescue" boxes from pawn shops.

Oh, the punch line: The free computer comes with free support.

The best thing about Linux is the people of Linux!

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