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Apr 09, 2009
6:57 AM EDT
Well what the heck, if we're just going to go around tossing out numbers, with no concern for where they come from or how reliable they are, I'm putting Linux's netbook share at 80%. Linux is really kicking Microsoft in the rear! I even have a number, so that's proof.

Apr 09, 2009
9:39 AM EDT
LOL, works for me bigg :)

Apr 09, 2009
11:20 AM EDT
Linux runs on 100% of the netbooks in our household. :)

Apr 09, 2009
11:25 AM EDT
I think it's pretty impressive that even when Microsoft "Mindcrafts" their own paid report focussing solely on retail store sales (where even people that want them find it nearly impossible to actually get a netbook with *pre-installed* linux), Linux STILL accounts for about 1 in 20 sales - I suspect well beyond the proportion of Linux netbooks actually STOCKED by retailers.

(And that's not even counting the number of "fine, the Windows(tm) one is cheap enough, I'll just buy that and overwite it with Linux anyway.")

Apr 09, 2009
12:20 PM EDT
I'm with jd, I have 1 netbook, and it runs Linux.

I would like to see Dell's numbers, since they have several netbook options and sizes, some of which come with the Linux option and some don't. The Linux option though is less expensive overall though on a pound for pound comparison

Apr 09, 2009
12:28 PM EDT
"Linux runs on 100% of the netbooks in our household. :)"

Add this household to that.

Apr 09, 2009
2:13 PM EDT

At Target, the cheapest Windows model still costs more than the most expensive Linux model (as of a month ago).

Apr 09, 2009
3:15 PM EDT
26. 15. Sander: 9

Apr 09, 2009
4:29 PM EDT
>> Linux runs on 100% of the netbooks in our household. :)

And on 100000000000% of the netbooks in our household.

errrr.... dang! Divide by zero error.

Apr 10, 2009
12:35 AM EDT
There are currently 8 computers in this household, all of which run Linux. so that makes it 800%...... I think....

Apr 10, 2009
10:05 AM EDT
ta, you added a zero too many. It should be 80%.

Apr 11, 2009
2:43 AM EDT
I agree these numbers are ridiculous. Watch this number get quoted over and over again by Microsoft fans and shills. Watch and see Linux proclaimed dead yet again.

Dell says 33% of their netbooks sold run Linux and have no higher return rate. Asus says 30-40% of theirs run Linux and have no higher return rate. Acer says 10% of theirs run Linux and they expect that number to be 20% in 2009. Once again they report no higher return rate. MSI reported the higher return rate when they didn't even sell a Linux netbook.

How can anyone believe 4% is a credible market share? Easy! It's what they want to believe.

I look at this FUD now coming directly from MS and I have to conclude they are seriously concerned that Linux is a real threat.

Apr 11, 2009
3:15 AM EDT
I bet that Microsoft assumes that many people buy Linux netbooks and wipe them to run XP :-)

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