Cheers for adding the write up!

Story: ECIS Provides A History of Microsoft's Anti Competitive BehaviorTotal Replies: 5
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Apr 23, 2009
4:22 PM EDT
My thoughts after reading the paper were "Ooh HOT Potato!" so I gave it a miss.... Anyway, dare I say "Nice to see my tax-euros put to work"?

Apr 23, 2009
5:02 PM EDT
Don't thank me. Thank Groklaw and Pamela Jones. She did the write-up. I just say your submission, saw Groklaw's story and combined them :-)

Apr 23, 2009
10:01 PM EDT
That is a fairly damning document.

Apr 23, 2009
10:52 PM EDT
New bookmarking material for future discussions ahead?

Apr 23, 2009
11:47 PM EDT
All I can say is I knew bits and pieces of their practices were unethical, but after seeing it all laid out in context like this, my mind has definitely changed.

I'm no longer selling ANY Microsoft products, and have decided to phase out of supporting them. My clients will go with what I recommend, and if they have any question as to why, I'll be more than happy to let them read over this. My job's to work for their interest, not for Microsoft's.

Apr 24, 2009
12:09 AM EDT
Very well-put, Alterax.

I do "support" two Windows-based systems, but only because they are owned by people who rely on ISV-supplied instructions that assume Windows systems. They each have particular needs, in very small-niche markets, and I don't know enough about their business matters to be able to switch them to Linux-based setups.

However, I (and others who help them) insist on installing FOSS replacements for everything possible: Firefox, Thunderbird, OOo, you name it. The ongoing astonishment at the quality of Free Software is gratifying to see.

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